Friday, April 28, 2006

"Outsource English Language Content"

Outsource English Language Content

If you have not discovered the great opportunity of outsourcing your content development requirements to India, then read this! Don’t even think about outsourcing English content development to any other offshore place. India is a whole different story- Here you can find huge talent pool with speaking and reading in English for decades with a rich history of English literature, screenwriting and other English writing.
India is not just full of brilliant software engineers but brilliant writers as well - of all styles, areas of expertise and ideas. In India there are published novelists, PhDs in English Literature, technical writers, poets, editors, prize winning journalist, instructional designers, textbook writers, published scientists, technology writers and on and on.
For example we may be embarking on a project to interview American businessmen to capture their life story as an autobiography. This will require 20 hours of phone interviews. Then indian writers will create a book along the lines of Jack Welch’s biography. This is just one example of the areas of outsourcing. There are so many areas of content development that can be outsourced.