Monday, May 01, 2006

"Ten Questions Can help Clients to bulids Successful Vendor Management Systems (VMS)"

Ten Questions can help Clients to bulids successful Vendor Management systems (VMS);

1.Have you included hiring managers / users / PMO and vendors in the design and periodic evalution of the VMS program ?

2.Do you have the proper number of preferred vendors to work with ?

3.Do you provide the means for responsive communications?

4.Do you encourage (candidate)Project quality over (resume submittal speed) project release?

5.Do you have limits on the number of resumes vendors may sumbit per job order?

6.Do you provide vendors sufficient detail on the job/Project requirements?

7.Do you have adequately skilled VMS staff reviewing the Projects /resumes?

8.Do you provide vendors with prompt and sufficient Project closure (resume and interview) feedback?

9.Do you negotiate "too hard" on pricing and contractual terms with vendors?

10.Do you track vendor and program performance and share it with the vendors?