Monday, October 29, 2007

How to attract a prospect candidate to your company

I have come cross teams which are complaining management that getting candidate on board is next to impossible. I have few thoughts on attracting right talent: There are many ways by which one can attract right talent even in hot job market. Few of them are:
1. Interview candidates: It is important that the interview process should be conducted well. Person who is conducting interview is a “Face of the company”. Even if candidate unable to clear the process, candidate will definitely spread the good word about your company.
2. Work environment: It is advisable to introduce right key members of the organization. This will help candidate to gauge the work environment and the team spirit. This will motivate candidate to take up the offer. If possible take candidate around the office before the offer.
3. Type of work: This should not be an issue with small centers, who mostly work on the high tech projects. The ownership and responsibility plays a major role in deciding the next move. It is important to focus on those aspects and impress upon the candidate that this opportunity will help in his career growth.
4. Compensation and benefits: A slightly higher positioning of the company in the market vis-à-vis their “branded” competitors will certainly help. But this should be done without lowering the bar for recruitment.
5. Senior management should spend time with prospective candidates: This is very important as candidate will get a chance to ask question about their career growth, work content, roadmap and company’s financial health etc and is reassuring for the candidate.
6. Ex-employees as company ambassadors: Irrespective of the type of resignation i.e. voluntary or involuntary, the company must ensure a smooth exit for the employee. This gesture will go a long way in building trust and spreading the right image. Create alumni group which will help in networking.
7. Advertisement: It would be helpful to have media coverage, where members of the management team, investors or board are featured.
8. PR firm: With minimum budget one can engage a small PR firm with right contacts in the media, who are creative and are willing to grow along with the client. They can help in identifying the opportunities for building better brand image.
9. Referral Program: Significant hiring happens through employee referrals and therefore having a good referral program can help motivate employees to spread the word in their circle.
10. Promote Company: Attend industry conferences, round table discussions for promoting company brand
There many more points you can refer my paper HR challenges.