Thursday, May 25, 2006

Ten things to do, If you are setting up a Offshore Center

Ten things to do, If you are setting up a Offshore Center

If you are in the process of to setup an offshore center, make sure to
plan for the following. [assuming that you have cleared with all legal matters

1.Chart-out a plan for implementing a new methodology of capturing and
communicating requirements, design the software, tracking development
and making sure software matches the specification.
2.Plan for transition / implement development process in synchronization
with your corporate or other development centers.
3.Plan for strategies selecting offshore talent . Make sure concern hiring
manager is involved in the selection process.
4.Plan for implementing software quality models (Ex: SW-CMM) at the very
least level.
5.Chart a plan for implementing best practices on phase wise from the
beginning of the offshore operations.
6.Plan on extended work day, because of time zones difference it is very important to synchronizing with offshore teams.
7.Work on Communication strategies (Ex: Email, Conference [Web, Video, Telecon]
8.Prepare strategy for 24x 7 support [ in case your projects expect 24x7 support]
9.Work on backup plan for infrastructure problems.
10.Plan for out sourcing strategies, in case your ODC is managing local vendors. Workout a SLA’s to meet your expectations.