Friday, December 15, 2006

Reduce your company cost by keeping Employees Engaged

Reduce your company cost by keeping Employees Engaged

Companies can get profited by giving what employees expect from their company. That may not be a salary, which makes them happy at their work !!!

Check following questions with your employees;
Do they believe that what they’re doing is important?
Do they feel appreciated?
Do they say thank god Monday?
Are they having passion for their work?
There are many similar questions by which you can measure your employee satisfaction.
If you get “ NO” to the above questions then it’s a red flag**

As leaders you create a good environment by adopting following tips

1. Remove a negative opinions if they have about the company
2. Provide everything which they need to perform their jobs
3. Communicate time-to-time your expectation to them
4. Communicate Company Values, Vision
5. Get to know about their goals, stressors, what excites them and how they define success.
6. Make sure they are trained and retrained in problem solving and conflict resolution skills.
7. Discuss success stories
8. Reward and recognize employees in ways that are meaningful to them
9. Define a career path
10. Show them a path and how business world get helped with the same technology what they are working on.

Ultimately, you must keep in mind that employees are company greatest assets. Their collective ideas, feedback and enthusiasm for what they do can help your business grows and succeed.

Some people are naturally wired to give their all and do their best no matter where they work. But the majority of people require the guidance of skilled managers who welcome their ideas, ask for feedback and generate enthusiasm in order to have a sense of purpose and energy about what they do.